Save Thousands with Social Media Choices

Social media can be an incredible tool when you sell your home! I recommend you post, tweet and blog your listing to everyone you know, and ask them to share, and then share again. But, if you have anything on your social media accounts that describes your motivation to sell – this could cost you thousands at the closing table.
Visualize this – while looking at your Facebook page, you see on your newsfeed that your dream home is for sale. You click on the link, and you are on the sellers page! After scrolling down, you discover that the seller is getting divorced, moving to another country, and cannot wait to cut ties with the area. Would you be willing to offer full price after reading this post? Probably not.
When you sell your home, the motivation may not be so obvious, but could be all over your page – empty nest, new job, promotion, death in the family…
Before you list your home – reduce posts to the public, and delete anything on your pages that could show your motivation. Then, have a friend or coworker scroll through your site for anything you missed.
Good luck with your sale – and I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

About the Author:

Katie L. Glover is an Army Veteran and the Founder of MilVil, Inc.