Are you looking for more from your PCS? The Military Agent, LLC is made up of Veteran and Spouse REALTORs who understand the challenges of Military moves, and are here to make the purchase, sale or managing of your homes easier.


Trust is a key to any successful PCS. You don’t have to be local to your new location to purchase a home. Our REALTORs follow our cutting edge plan to help you preview homes, sign forms, and even close on your home from a world away. And, as an extra assurance, our Military Agent will purchase one home inspection once you are under contract for a new home.


Ready to embrace your next move without any ties to your past? If selling is in your future, our Military Agents can help. From a marketing plan, to a security plan, to the added touch of constant communication, or REALTORs will make your sale as easy as possible. To show our dedication to your transition, our Military Agents will purchase a Home Warranty plan on the successful sale of your home.


Whether you are looking for some extra income, or may just come back to your home in a few year, renting your home after you PCS may be your best option. Our Military Agents can assist you with long term property management, or simply marketing your home.


[cherry_row] [cherry_col size_md="12"] Social media can be an incredible tool when you sell your home!  I recommend you post, tweet and blog your listing to everyone you know, and ask them to share, and then share again.  But, if you have anything on your social media accounts that describes your motivation to sell - this could cost you thousands at the closing table. Visualize this - while looking at your Facebook page, you see on your
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